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Ef: A Tale Of Memories and Melodies – Box Set Review [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese:

Love. It’s such a fickle, dangerous but ultimately glorious thing. Human beings, big or small, short or tall, dumb or smart, all feel the need for love in one way or another. I believe that we were never to be in complete solitude. Instead, I think each and every individual’s true life work is to find a partner that shares with them the greatest gift of all. Finding that “one and only” can be a journey that may never end.

It’s definitely one that’s treacherous. There are ups and downs, danger at every single corner but the reward for completing such a quest is something so much better than any material item. Unfortunately some people search their entire lives for love but never find it. It’s something that, once again, we as human beings each fear. Loneliness. At least, this is what I think now after watching one of Hanabee’s latest Anime releases “Ef: A Tale Of Memories and Melodies”. I always new life and love was supposed to be a little bit of a battle…but not THIS much of a battle.

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