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Disgaea 5 – Meet The Demon Lords Christo and Zeroken

Frank Ingles of SnapThirty writes:

There’s nothing more powerful than the friendship shared between two or more people. It’s a fact! Every single kids television show has proven to me that without friendship nothing can be accomplished. This is why Killia, the main character of NIS’ upcoming “Disgaea 5″ tactical RPG, will accomplish all the goals he sets out for himself. It’s all because of the friends he keeps. Here’s the story of the game so far: Void Dark is a super evil Demon Lord that plans on conquering the entire Netherworld but there are a bunch of other Demon Lords who don’t necessarily want that because, well…this guy is SUPER evil.

Killia, the shirtless main character, has some pretty deep beef with Void Dark and has decided to rise up against him. Unfortunately Killia isn’t strong enough to do it on his own so he sets off on a journey around the Netherworld recruiting other Demon Lords who also don’t like the idea of Void Dark being in total control. This is where Christo and Zeroken come in. In past press releases we’ve met the Demon Lords Seraphine, Usalia and Red Magnus, well now we’re going to meet two more.

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