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Rokka no Yuusha Fantasy Light Novels Get TV Anime

Whoah, this is surely something many anime fans will go nuts about: Kei Toru’s third Rokka no Yuusha manga volume just revealed that an anime adaptation, of the light novel series, is in currently in the works. It seems as if the six heroes of Rokka no Yuusha will be hitting our television screens soon enough, at least if you live in Japan that is, but there are other services for other people around the world as well. We are content!

The story is all about six heroes who are chosen by the deity of fate, also giving them the pwoer to save the world. One of six chosen ones, adoretto, proclaims that he is the strongest in the world, and when he goes to meet his 5 fellow heroes, 6 of them are there instead. One of these 7 heroes is a fraud, a fake who is serving the enemy, and everybody thinks that the double agent is the last person to get to the meeting, Adoretto.

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