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Psycho-Pass 2 - Episode 07 | Caraniel's Ramblings

This episode finally got round to addressing some of my major issues with the way the story has been developing – mainly Sybil’s inaction and Kamui’s super-human skills – but I still can’t really say I’m properly satisfied by the answers provided.

So Kamui is legion – that is something I can actually get behind. It is much more believable to think that Kamui is actually the figurehead of a large talent pool of devoted followers, rather than a single man with a ridiculously high-spec skill set. I’m still not sure how Kamui amassed such a host of devotee’s, while he appears somewhat charismatic, we haven’t really seen much to indicate he has a philosophy compelling enough to turn people against the seemingly idyllic Sybil System. After all life is pretty good for the majority of people in Psycho-Pass, they’re perfectly happy living normal lives under the direction of Sybil. Of course we don’t see much of these ordinary people because that would be boring, we are only exposed to the outliers of this society, because those are the individuals that the MWPSB has to deal with.

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