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Orenchi no Furo Jijo Episode #08 Anime Review | Fandom Post

Can Tatsumi get Wakasa to eat his veggies or just his meat?
What They Say:
“The Trendy Circumstances of Modern Men”

The Review:
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One of the things I like in this series is that Tatsumi isn’t a high school student for this but rather an adult living on his own and having to deal with what’s come into his life. The two men living together in the way they are is comical, especially since we have Tatsumi trying to educate Wakasa a bit. But all Wakasa wants is company in the tub at this point. That has its awkward moments, but you also know that Wakasa is pretty innocent about it all. This episode also focuses on Tatsumi trying to get Wakasa to be more than just a meat eater (ho ho ho) with time spent trying to convince him to eat vegetables as well. There’s some basic conflict here where it’s almost parent and child, especially since Wakasa is so very child-like in a good many ways, even more so in contrast to Tatsumi. At least until he gets pervy.

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