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Teaser Revealed For Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of “F”

Good news everyone! A teaser has been released for the upcoming 2015 Dragon Ball Z film, “Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F” or “Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F” as a part of a Japanese Television Program. The film will be released during Golden Week in Japan which is around mid April 2015. Not much has been revealed throughout the trailer except the conflict between the protagonist Son Goku and Frieza, who we all know as one of the most powerful antagonist, has been revived with a power that much exceeds the power of the Super Saiyan transformation. The teaser also gives us a sneak peak of the Z fighters who will take part in the plan of destroying Frieza who has returned for a mysterious reason.

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Cronoa7x2556d ago

Wrong title for the movie

ZoroS32555d ago

I like how you take your time to trying to correct the title when the film can be referred as revival or resurrection both having similar definitions. Not like a completely different meaning was inserted in the title.

Cronoa7x2555d ago

I was just correcting the article's title. Revival is the better and more accurate translation.

I don't know much about the language but I do trust the staff of Kanzenshuu over...uhm Saiyan Island? lol

ZoroS32555d ago

alright fine, im sorry, let's both stop fighting about a single title of a movie.