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Questioned By Fandom: Aniplex Releases Are Too Expensive

One of the more consistent complaints of the last few years is the pricing of certain titles. We’ve heard complaints about pricing since the beginning of anime – $30 for two subtitled-only episodes on VHS? $35 for one bilingual episode on LaserDisc? Oh, the glory days when a $30 DVD had four episodes on it and it seemed to solve all our problems.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx2599d ago

Exactly I'd buy some of their series but geez it's a real shot to the wallet even with all the extras.

Amuro2599d ago

I'm an anime fan an everything but I rather just pay a crunchyroll sub and be done with it than buying anime sets. Because it's not just aniplex, everything when it comes to anime is extremely expensive. $300 for a 20 episodes show on blu-ray? I mean come on....