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One Piece Film: Z Review [SnapThirty]

Everybody has a dream. That specials something that they strive for with all of their heart. The self proclaimed goal of their life. But what happens when dreams clash? People are not alone in the world and as a result desires overlap, contradict in the most unwanted ways and threaten to cease. So what do you do when faced with such an antithesis? Do you spare yourself the pain and give in? Or do you throw all of your faith into your own strength, and fight to the bitter end?

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PizzaSteve2550d ago

Must be a good movie. I'd have to watch it. I'm just getting into One Piece and I like it.

F-Inglese-942550d ago

I watched it last night on this recommendation...goddamn solid film! Oda said he wanted to make it canon to the main series and I think it really should've been. Fantastic!