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CtrlGeekGirl Anime Review: Naruto the Movie – Road To Ninja (2012)

Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja is also known as Kishimoto’s first penned movie since Naruto: Ninja Clash of the Snow land. And to have Kishimoto penning another story after a long period of time, it definitely reignited fans’ interest in the film franchise again. With such high expectations riding on Kishimoto to create another hit, did Road to Ninja (2012) succeed? Ctrl+GeekGirl finds out!

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futurefrog2597d ago

Great review! I am looking forward to Naruto Last Movie

F-Inglese-942597d ago

This movie is possibly the only Naruto movie that I enjoyed. I love it so much! Awesome review, well done! :)

ctrlgeekpod2597d ago

Seriously? I reckon the very first one, and Shippuden Will of Fire are the best ones so far. This movie was so average :(

TXIDarkAvenger2597d ago

I wish they shown the alternative characters more. But overall it was pretty good.