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2014 Anime Reflection: Best Comedy Of The Year.

Wahooo, it has been another weird, heartwarming, good and most of all fun year for us anime fans, huh? From the majestic MAPPA debut and the return of Yuaasa, to the 90´s anime ode that was Space Dandy and the comeback of the lovely (and sometimes weird) yaoi and yuri genre. We´re currently on page 357 of 2014, and (un)fortunately, all good books must end, for some people the yearly reset is an opportunity for bettering their days, for others it´s a tearful goodbye to an emotional chapter, but now I`m babbling. Let´s keep the (un)neccessary drama for New Years, and enjoy the festive season of glitter and snow (or sun and sweat) instead. From today to the 31st, I´ll be posting a 2014 anime reflection that us bloggers just love to do, today we´ll look at the comedy titles of 2014, and what I think takes the crown of laugther.


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