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2014 Anime Reflection: Worst Anime Of The Year.

I almost forgot about this post, water is wet, The Interview is an awful movie and unfortunately, every year has some terrible, terrible anime, sometimes ot the point that it´s kind of funny. I dumped all the drama on the comedy post, so for this one, let´s get right into it. Needless to say that the anime mentioned are what I think are the worst anime of the year. Subjective. My own. You don´t have to agree and, hey, if I somehow offend you because the anime that saved your life is one here, I´m sorry.


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TXIDarkAvenger2535d ago

Glad I wasn't the only one who couldn't stand Black Bullet.

andrewer2534d ago

One does not simply compare an anime to School Days

spartan112g2533d ago

I still found enjoyment from Black Bullet and Nobunagun... Though Magical Warfare was complete poop that I had to force myself to finish.