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Rurouni Kensin: Kyoto Inferno Review [KKEnt]

Kuma wrote: There are times I question the actions I take in seeking a peaceful existence. It is something I have always wanted, but it is a path that comes with much discipline and strength. The trick is keeping a true peaceful self while walking in a field of discomfort and violence. We have here a story of Kenshin Himura who was once a man walking a path being followed by a trail of blood until the day war was over and he laid down his blood thirst to become a peaceful wanderer. He found friends and to one would assume love in this new era he was truly fighting for, but as always there are those that can’t accept this peaceful life. The blood thirst is just too strong to ignore and as always the ones holding the power are not strong enough to deal with the devil they once worshiped. The manslayer’s legacy will always be disturbed until the land can be quenched, but at what cost?

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13lackDeath2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

I really enjoyed both of the films alot. They stay true to the anime fairly well, the casting is perfect, the portrayal of the characters is well done, the choreography is extremely well done, and the plot is strong.

The only thing I really have a gripe with is Sagara Sanosuke, the actor playing him has the attitude for him, but the build and the height leaves me wanting more...But he has grown on me.

Great Movie, highly recommend. The Steelbook Region Free Blueray is actually available on for preorder right now, Released on April 6th.

SavageKuma2575d ago

The only problem I have with Sanosuke is his weapon. They could of gave him a better looking sword and he keeps throwing it away in each fight.

13lackDeath2569d ago

Exactly! That's the other problem with him. He's the weakest character in the movie by far.


Hopefully In "The Legend Ends" he turns into a real badass and gets trained by that Monk that teaches him to harden his fist by punching rocks. Forgot the specific technique he teaches him.