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Fall 2014 Anime - Final Review | A Simple Lotus

Fall has proven to be the biggest season of the year for anime, and this year has definitely kept up that prestige and ridiculous amount of quality. Several anime returned to do bigger and better things while new anime defied expectations across the board. Who would have known that an anime based on a card game would be so entertaining with Shingeki no Bahamut? How many doubters of Sword Art Online were forced to eat their own words as we were treated to the most emotional story in the series so far? Just HOW GOOD can Ufotable’s animations get with their remake of Fate/Stay Night?! Finally, this season proved that it doesn’t matter how old and obscure a source material is when it comes to anime. Mushishi and Parasyte have proven that it can turn old into new and hang with the flashiest of anime out there.

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