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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 13 - Animenewsnetwork

Animenewsnetwork - Well, that was a non-conclusion. This episode ends right before Usagi launches the finishing blow, but the next episode preview acts like they've won already. The amazing suspense of Sailor Moon Crystal! It's like the editors don't care at all. This episode begins with Usagi choosing to die for love, unable to stand the world anymore after striking down her brainwashed boyfriend, Mamoru. Queen Metalia then absorbs them into herself alongside the Legendary Silver Crystal. As she engulfs the world in darkness, the Senshi give up their powers to summon the anti-Metalia moon sword. Witnessing her friends' sacrifice, Usagi finds the will to resist and activates the Legendary Silver Crystal. The Shitennou use the remnants of their souls to revive Mamoru and point him to Metalia's weak point. With Mamoru's support, Usagi accesses its full power to fight the dark queen head-on.

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