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Winter 2015 Anime First Impressions – Week 2 (Anime Power Ranking)

After the first week which was scarce on premiers, Guy returns to the second week's write-up, covering the premiers of most shows he watched, and the continuing shows as well.

A slightly longer write-up for The Rolling Girls, Saekano (How To Train a Boring Girlfriend), and Durarara!!x2 Shou, shorter write-ups to Tokyo Ghoul Root A, Assassination Classroom, and others. Link to full-episode write-ups for most shows.

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Thunder_God2562d ago

I'm liking this season alright thus far. There's little I'm /wowed/ by, but I /am/ wowed by both Durarara!! and Death Parade, and Parasyte and Shirobako are both still very strong.

I might not be wowed, but there's very little I found to be terrible thus far. Of course, part of that is knowing which shows not to pick up to begin with.

theshredded2561d ago

wow,thanks for the submit!
I totally forgot that season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul has already started.
I only watched ep.1 of Assassination Classroom of the many new anime so far,I thought it was a bit weak and not executed properly which is a shame because I like the concept and it has premise to be a good anime