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‘Zatch Bell’ Anime Getting Crunchyroll Distribution

Cinedigm added Mononoke to Crunchyroll and it looks like another series that they added to Hulu back in August is going to make the leap to the service as well. While no episodes are there yet, a Zatch Bell section has opened and it’s laid out with what you’d expect if Cinedigm were going to add it there. The series comes from the manga Konjiki no Gash Bell!! from Makoto Raiu which ran for 37 volumes through December 2007. The anime started in 2003 and ran for 150 episodes while getting some decent distribution on TV over the years as well from Cartoon Network to YTV and to Toon Disney. Cinedigm through New Video Group has released the first 100 episodes dubbed on DVD in two complete season sets.

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