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Naruto Storm 4 - V-Jump Confirms The Last: Naruto The Movie Characters Are New

V-Jump usually comes around once a month to wrap up all of the news from the last couple Weekly Shonen Jump issues, and package it together onto a few pages for us.

Thankfully this week, it clears up something that a few Storm 4 fans were worried about. The scan says "4 new ninja join the battle straight from The Last". This means that the new costumes for our characters are also new characters, and should be expected to sport new moves and techniques.

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TXIDarkAvenger2511d ago

I really hope there isn't like 5 Naruto's unless of course they get everyone else in first.

hkgamer2510d ago

you can always wait for the next game after this for a bigger collection of characters.

auen12511d ago

I hope we'll see kaguya, hagoromo, hamura, asura, and indra ^_^