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Digimon Adventure Tri - Taichi And Agumon Full Character Designs Revealed

Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes:

Let’s start from the top: So far, what we’ve been shown regarding the latest “Digimon” Anime instalment “Digimon Adventure Tri” isn’t actually that much. We’ve seen a silhouette of the main cast, we’ve seen a confusing promotional image that pretty much hid most of their full designs by interlocking each of the characters, and we’ve seen a lot of teasers that make you think you’re going to see something awesome but instead your just left with the teaser. Hence the title “teaser”.

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TXIDarkAvenger2561d ago

Something about Agumon seems off. His head looks bigger and looks like he was deprived of food.

TheHergulaX2561d ago

Yeah, the new animation style seems to be a quite questionable.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2560d ago

I'm fine with this. The eyes tho idk

F-Inglese-942560d ago

I'm looking forward to just how awesome the animation is going to be