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Pluto Volume 3 Review | SnapThirty

Luke Halliday writes:

"Pluto has been on my mind for weeks. After reading the heart-stopping third volume, I was left awestruck.

What could I possibly hope to say that could do this justice? How could I possibly convey the thoughts racing through my head? How could I ever critically assess this masterpiece?

It is a task that has rolled around in my mind as I dragged my feet on putting this piece together. As I sat pondering Urasawa’s genius manga, a familiar song began to sound from my radio."

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F-Inglese-942500d ago

I say this about a lot of things but I really do need to get into this Manga. My uncle first got me into Astro Boy so very long ago and it seems like this is the next step a growing fan has to take to be able to fully enjoy the Tezuka mythos.