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Top 10 Annoying Characters in Anime

If you’re an anime fan/lover like myself, you most definitely have come across some characters in anime that you can’t stand. To be more specific, I’m talking about characters that have made an impact in your life to the point that you just want to (insert explicit description here). Characters that are useless, problematic, stupid and/or irritating are my main focus in this article. I know there are some people who find other characters to be more annoying or not at all, what I’ve selected here is just annoying characters I’ve come across throughout the years. Here are the “Top 10 Annoying Characters in Anime”!

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Fonzy2548d ago

Spot on! Shinji needs to grow some balls!

TXIDarkAvenger2546d ago

Himeragi from Strike the Blood. I just couldn't stand her saying "no senpai, this is our fight" every damn time LOL.

Fonzy2546d ago

Lol! That's so true! i forgot about that!