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9 Most Fked Up Anime So Far

These are not terrible anime some of them are pretty well made. Some of these are extremely disturbing and have sexual content. This list will mostly focus on incest and lolicon.

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waleed1252548d ago

most of these animes are not actually that bad if u cut the lesbians and incest and the fact that they are like 90% hentai

Fonzy2547d ago

You have to admit, the incest is pretty messed up, though!

hammad4122548d ago

Koi kaze in that list? why man **

2547d ago
TXIDarkAvenger2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

oh so that's what Boku no Pico is ;_;

CLOUD19832547d ago

Crap list is crap so for the author anything with incest is fcked up... there is many anime that is more fcked up than anything that have incest in it, & because westerners become all crazy with incest doesn't mean it's anything special over there in Japan, it's a common theme you find in anything from anime to manga to games & Hentai & Eroge ofc, there is no media who doesn't have a bit of incest in it because you know people love it, taboo stuff attract us blame human nature for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.