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Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode #16 Anime Review | Fandom Post

The Gunpla Academy makes their grand entrance!

What They Say:
“Magnificent Shia”

Minato Sakai and his teammates from Tendaiji Academy, representing Osaka, easily make it through the first round of the tournament thanks to the overwhelming power of their unique Gunpla, the Tryon 3. Other rivals that Sekai and his comrades met at the Nielsen Labs, such as the Gabai Institute from Kagoshima and the Toritsu Academy from Niigata, likewise survive the first round. As the tournament enters its second round, the top-seeded Gunpla Academy finally enters battle. The Gunpla Academy’s third fighter is Shia Kijima, the girl who taught Sekai how to repair the Build Burning. The attention of the whole venue is focused on the Gunpla Academy as it battles Honmoku Academy, representing Kanagawa. But its team leader, Wilfrid Kijima, orders Shia to sortie alone as a penalty for waiting until the very last minute to complete her Gunpla. Now Shia’s G-Portent must confront Honmoku Academy on its own.

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