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Shirobako Episode #16 Anime Review | Fandom Post

The pitfalls of dealing with a demanding creator who will not be drawn into revealing his requirements.

What They Say:
Episode 16: “Table Flip”

The Review:
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The hammer has fallen: an email from Nogame, the author of Third Aerial Girls Squad to Chazawa, the oblivious editor, is passed on to Musani letting them know that there are problems with the production plans. The problem is that Nogame does not like the character designs…but does not provide any specific guidance other than “they’re not as cute as my originals in some way.” Thanks. So they are forced to start again, even though key animation had proceeded up to episode 4 by this point. Iguchi doesn’t look all that happy about having to redo the character designs, but there is no helping it, as the original author has the final say about the anime adaptation.

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