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6 Anime Like Angel Beats! [Recommendations] SIMILAR ANIME

We all loved the afterlife battles between the SSS, Angel, and even God in the amazing action-drama Angel Beats!, the story of several children who are trapped in limbo.
It has reached the top of many must-watch anime lists, and it is a perfect intro anime for people who have not watched too many anime before.

However, many of us were left wondering what to watch next. Angel Beats had guns, a rock band, a group of rebellious high school students, and a beautiful story with constant plot-twists. These six anime do not have all of those things, however they are all similar in their own way.
So if you liked Angel Beats!, you should definitely try out these anime next.

1. Persona 4 The Animation
2. Clannad
3. ...

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Stupid1539d ago

Persona 4 would be awesome

honeys-anime1538d ago

I have played Persona all series from 1 to 4, enjoyed them a lot.
Persona 4 is good on friendship between characters.

Fonzy1538d ago

I can honestly say I've seen all of these anime. Great comparisons!

honeys-anime1538d ago

I think that each protagonist deepens the bonds between members with fighting or crying each other.
My eyes were filled with tears every time I watched clannad. T_T

Cid331537d ago

perfect list, many of my top 10 anime. unfortunate that i have seen them all.

TXIDarkAvenger1537d ago

Love Angel Beats. Anohana sort of gave off a similar feel, maybe a bit more sad.

jamesbrosuk1534d ago

Great list particularly Clannad