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Winter 2015 Anime - Week 4 Impressions | A Simple Lotus

One third of the season is officially behind us. At this point, I should be fairly confident in which anime I’m following, but there are a couple that caused me mixed enjoyment this week. Tokyo Ghoul is starting to lose it’s psychological edge in favor of shounenanigans. Death Parade had it’s first episode that felt just a tad repetitive. That being said, one disappointing episode will never change my opinion of the whole series, but it does always cause me to have concern for the future.

Anyways, there was also plenty of enjoyment this week. Durarara’s latest episode was absolutely, and delightfully ludicrous, and Yona of the Dawn is still on it’s valiant climb towards being a respectable anime. Why, even Log Horizon appears to finally be ready to stop dawdling and get on with it’s story.

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