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Hands-On With "Dragon Ball: Xenoverse" [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese writes:

The “Dragon Ball” series of video games, in my opinion, has not been a very awe-inspiring one. Throughout the years, fans of the series were time and time again delivered new “Dragon Ball” games that, while not too terrible, were also never the best around. The last “Dragon Ball” video game I played was something like six years ago and what I was left with were nothing but feelings of disappointment.

Being such a huge fan of both the Anime and manga series of the same name, not being able to enjoy what I believed would be fantastic video game experiences has, over the years, slowly diminished my love for “Dragon Ball” fighting games…that is, until Bandai Namco Games invitied us to their Sydney HQ to try out the demo build of their upcoming “Dragon Ball” title “Xenoverse”. The hours of I spent playing through the game changed my views on not only the future of “Dragon Ball” gaming but on the entire history of the series which, as you should know, is one hell of an amazing feat!

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