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Genshiken Second Generation Review | The Game Scouts

Ameenah Salamunic: Genshiken Second Generation is the standalone sequel to the cult hit, adapted from Shimoku Kio’s equally popular manga series. The slice-of-life comedy explores the Otaku lifestyle through the exploits of The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture at Shiiou University. This third season is not so much a continuation of the original Genshiken, but a closely related successor. The setting remains the same, and though fans will recognize a few familiar faces, many of the former members have either graduated or left. Freshman inductees Yajima Mirei, Yoshitake Rika and Kenjiro Hato round out the new cast. This transforms the once stereotypical male space to a fujoshi-charged atmosphere. It’s a change, but a welcome one that makes the franchise as a whole a hell of a lot more representative. It’s both refreshing and unique for a series to address the fandom from a female perspective. Honestly, it’s about time considering the rise of the female consumer in the Japanese market. Fujoshi culture dominates the show, but there are side plots involving sub-interests like reki-jo and cosplay.

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