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What Makes An Anime Popular?

While there are many anime that exist in this world, very few reach the ultimate level of popularity. We have anime such as Dragon Ball Z, which is known and liked even by celebrities. Other newer examples include Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan. These anime are immensely popular, and have seemingly amassed their popularity out of nowhere. Examples like these then raise the question: what in the world makes an anime so popular?

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Dark_king2539d ago

Story being the most important factor with animation a close second. Stories need proper pacing some skip huge amounts of the manga and this tends to piss off fans.Consistence of the animation is something that always drives me nuts when not done right.
the manga being popular helps to.O and big bouncy boobs seem to also(though it can also hurt what could be a good anime if its overdone).

vegnadragon2539d ago

The thing is anime, the majority of the time, is a adaptation of a popular manga into anime. Since manga is so competitive in Japan, it is hard to have a crappy manga run for a while, so the good ones remain as the bad ones never rises. So they are really just animating something that is a proven success. Of course they are famous anime that were animated without a manga source like Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill, Evengelion etc but I can name lots of bad ones also.