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Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode #18 Anime Review | Fandom Post

Team Try Fighters just keeps getting better.

What They Say:

The Try Fighters have been cornered by the Snibal-Drago-Gira which Toshiya Shiki created out of his grudge towards the Gunpla Academy. This monster now threatens them with its clever tactics, and the firepower it has gained by stealing their own particles with its Absorb System. Even as he endures the enemy’s fierce attack, Sekai creates an opening for the Try Fighters, and they take advantage of this to escape the haunted castle and begin their counterattack. During the battle, Sekai senses that Toshiya is battling out of resentment toward the Gunpla Academy, and in order to overcome that grudge he musters all his strength to activate the Burning Burst and launch one last attack. The Try Fighters barely manage to win their second round, but all their machines have suffered heavy damage, and it appears that they won’t be able to fully repair the Try Burning which was originally built by Sei Iori. But just then, Yuuma receives a message from his sister China.

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