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6 Anime Like Samurai Champloo [Recommendations]

This story of three strangers on a journey across Japan blends with many modern day themes such as hip-hop culture. Unconventional fighting techniques and exoticism produce a vibrancy that is different from the jidaigeki (historical dramatization) shows that still remain popular in Japan.

Here is a list of a few animes that we recommend, some of which notably infuse fantasy and futuristic themes alongside that cool, samurai spirit!

1. Basilisk (Kouga Ninpo Cho)
2. Samurai 7
3. ...

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Fonzy2529d ago

I Samurai Champloo! Thanks for these recommendations, I've seen some of them, but the others, I'll check out! :)

honeys-anime2525d ago

the Ending song is good to me... About 10 years ago I used to listen to it.