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Isuca Episode #04 Anime Review | Fandom Post

ISUCA continues to stumble over its own two feet.
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“Shadow Play”

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ISUCA moved into family territory last time around as the animated fanfic brought in Suseri, Sakuya’s sister who is more serious and skilled but obviously has a lot to learn from Sakuya. The show gave us a look at how Sakuya’s way of doing things now that she’s spending time with Shinichiro and Tamako was the main thrust of it, but at episode three it simply came in way too soon because we don’t know anything about anyone at this point. It’s been a superficial series that hasn’t had time to explore anything, and bringing in Suseri just made it feel all the more rushed. It had its amusing moments of course, with some dark violence and mildly amusing fanservice, but it’s still working with a skeleton of a story and pretty much the same when it comes to the characters themselves.

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