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My Hero Academia - The Dawn Of A New Era For Shonen Jump

Luke Halliday and Frank Inglese of SnapThirty write:

Throughout our childhood we’re told time and time again to enjoy it while we can. As teenagers, as school students, as growing human beings we’re once again told to enjoy every single moment. All the while it’s drilled into our heads that, once we become adults, we’ll only be left with a longing for the type of life we lead as young men and women. That’s possibly why nostalgia is such a power feeling.

For many of you reading this article and definitely for us writing this article, the early days of our adolescence were spent enthralled by things like Anime or Manga. A possible memory burned into the minds of those people is that of waiting for a new issue of Weekly Shonen jump or the latest volume of your favorite Manga to be released. Back then it seemed as though all that mattered was what happened to Naruto next or how Ichigo Kurosaki (“Bleach”) was going to defeat the next Hollow. It turns out that what our parents said was entirely true; that, as adults, most of our days will be spent longing for the past. It makes it a great deal harder to deal with especially when the things that you used to love grow to become the things you hate...

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futurefrog2486d ago

This is the future of shonen jump. THIS IS THE NEXT BIG THING!

F-Inglese-942486d ago

Well you've been to the future, frog. So you'd know better than anyone else...

futurefrog2486d ago

Tsuyu is best girl ;) ribbit

cemelc2485d ago

Dindt like it all that much, lacks spark...