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Top 10 Anime Girls I (Men) would like to date

It is time to go through the top ten anime girls (not) all men would like to date.
Yes, there is no doubt this article would be very (VERY) opinionated. But I also believe quite a few of them are on your list of anime girls you would want to date too. So without further small talk, let us get right into our top ten.

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Fonzy2523d ago

I personally would like to go on a date with Esdeath. Or Lady Satsuki. I actually have a list! Lol!

Kagune2521d ago

I wanna talk with Kurisu Makise, hope she talks to me as she does to Rintaro. Dat Holy Tsundere Masterpiece.

CLOUD19832521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

My 2 favorite girls is not in the list, Asuka from Evangelion & Kaname from Full Metal Panic :)

but I agree with at least half of those choices.

Gezmoyassine2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Forget about Dating,i want to get married to Akasha BloodRiver From Rosario+Vampire manga Or get married to R+V anime version Moka (SHE'S HOT AS HELL AND SHE CAN SHOW ME MY PLACE ANY TIME SHE FEELS LIKE IT!) XD OH YEAH BABY!

Fortuna2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Kurisu Makise, Touka Kirishima, Lucy from Elfen Lied ;)

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