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Snap Play: Dragon Ball XenoVerse - Episode 01 [SnapThirty]

The entire history of Dragon Ball Z is in some serious trouble: The enemies are getting stronger, the heroes are getting weaker and everything isn’t happening the way to is supposed to.

That’s alright though because the universe has YOU…the player! Earthling? Namekian? Whatever they call Frieza’s race? It doesn’t mater! You’ve got the power of time on your side and now it’s up to you to save history from being permanently re-written; thus is the story of Dragon Ball XenoVerse!

Now what happens when a couple of idiots are tasked with saving the world? Chances are…existence will be utterly obliterated. It’ll be fun to watch though!

Follow Frank (@FrankInglese) and Kane (@KaneBugeja) as they talk Dragon Ball Z while playing the latest in the series of fighting games; Dragon Ball XenoVerse. It’s silly, it’s crazy, it’s a whole lot of Dragon Ball-related fun!

Huge thanks to Bandai Namco Games who provided us with the review copy we used to record this video.

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F-Inglese-942467d ago

I hope you all enjoy watching this as much as we had fun recording it :)