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Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode #21 Anime Review | Fandom Post

It’s the Gunpla Academy v. Team Von Braun.

What They Say:
“Blue Wings”

The members of the best 4 teams in the Gunpla Battle Japanese Championship gather, and a drawing is held to determine the brackets for the semifinals. Match one will pit Shizuoka Prefecture’s independent Gunpla Academy, led by Wilfrid Kijima, against Tokushima’s Granada Academy, whose team includes the European junior champion Lucas Nemesis. In match two, Sekai Kamiki and his comrades from West Tokyo’s Seiho Academy Middle School will face Minato Sakai and Tendaiji Academy, representing Osaka. Before the first battle, sparks fly between the members of each team, centering on Sekai. Then, in a battle stage made up of floating islands, the curtain rises on the match between the Gunpla Academy and Granada Academy. Controlling the Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth, Lucas begins a one-on-three battle against the Gunpla Academy.

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