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30 Kill La Kill Cosplay that You’ll Be Astonished! Finest Selection EVER!

Kill La Kill is an anime that is full of attractive characters and there are many awesome cosplayers around it. Today, we would like to introduce you 32 finest cosplay images of the popular characters from the show!

What a sexy cosplay… Take a look and find your favorite cosplayers, Enjoy!

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RapidPanda2514d ago

Cuuuute pictures!! But Male cosplay are so cooool!! Cool Sanageyama

honeys-anime2514d ago

Kill la Kill, that's CLOTHE anime

masterfox2514d ago

lol creepy and scary in general, still the first looks very nice, also the second one is a man ? lol XD

Emme2514d ago

Creepy indeed. Those eyes...