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Yakitate!! Japan Part 1 Review | The Game Scouts

Ameenah Salamunic: Yakitate!! Japan presents an oddly specific premise. It’s an anime about bread. Inuyasha director Yasunao Aoki teams up with Sunrise, the studio behind the legendary Cowboy Bepop, to bring mangaka Takashi Hashiguchi’s work to the screen. Absurdity aside, it’s an incredibly capable lineup. I’ll gladly take weird over another run-of-the-mill series. And, luckily, I’m a total bread nerd. I frequent the Fresh Loaf forum and peruse an assortment of food blogs on a daily basis. Peter Reinhart’s baking titles make up an integral part of my Kindle collection. Anyone who knows me is well aware of my weakness for food television. Pair that with the phenomenon where even the worst anime manages to produce stills of mouthwatering deliciousness, and it's a setup for success. Yakitate!! Japan is right up my alley.

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