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GARO THE ANIMATION Episode 22 - Animenewsnetwork

Animenewsnetwork - Last episode, we learned that Germán was just pretending to play along with both Garm and Mendoza. He plans to eliminate both Mendoza and Anima at the first opportunity to save Valiante from the swarm of Horrors. We also learn that Mendoza's been storing the souls of defeated Makai knights and alchemists to feed the nascent Anima. This'll make the Horror stronger than what the Watchdog Center can deal with, foiling their part of the plan. (The most interesting part of this was how it was depicted visually - Mendoza plays Tetris with the souls of his enemies.) As Mendoza exposits, Germán takes the opportunity to cut off his arm. He absconds with it, and spends the rest of the episode guarding the propped-open front door against swarms of shadow mooks so that León and co. can join him.

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