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Best 5 Psychotic Anime Characters to Die For!

Ever wonder what it takes to make it onto a list of pure, unadulterated psychosis? Well you have to be full of the abnormal, thoroughly caught up in the pain and suffering of others to the point of pure ecstasy. You have to be so messed up that everyone that sees you can’t look past how utterly and undeniably screwed up you can be. Your obsessions control your life, your every action.

These are the criteria for making it onto a list of severely messed up characters, and without any over-dramatizations, here’s my list of characters you just need to see to believe!


◆1. Shion Sonozaki from When They Cry (Japanese: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)
◆2. Yuno Gasai from Future Diary (Japanese: Mirai Nikki)
◆3. ...

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RapidPanda2874d ago

Are they like YANDERE? XD

honeys-anime2874d ago

Yuno Gasai is exactly Yandere, but Shion Sonozaki is not, a little different. Because of ... I recommend you to watch her!

Mr Marvel2873d ago

Genocide Jill (Danganronpa) - She was all kinds of f'd up.

honeys-anime2873d ago

Oh, yes She is psychotic! thank you for letting me know!

Hold_It2867d ago

No Revy (Black Lagoon)? I'm kinda surprised by these lists lately.