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Persona 4 The Animation Review | Thisvthattv

*This is a review Persona 4 The Animation and its conclusion special Persona 4 The Animation: No One is Alone. I’ve also never played the PlayStation 2 classic Persona 4, and this review will be solely based on my experiences with the anime.

Persona 4 The Animation was an anime I was on the fence about for a while. It was based off of a video game series that I had never even heard of, and I didn’t want to go into the series and be completely confused. After doing some more research on the series I discovered that I had received pretty good reviews all around, some people even call it things like, “The greatest video game to anime adaptation ever.” After I finding out that this game was so close to the source material that I’d be able to understand it without having to even play the game I decided that I would check this series out. Persona 4 The Animation not only exceeded my expectations, but it managed to keep me thoroughly entertained from beginning to end.

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