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Giovanni's Island - Review [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese writes:

The people of this generation live in a great time in human history. Yeah, there are wars and, yeah, real struggles are still a reality but, all things considered, our lives could be a lot worse than they already are. We live, day in and day out, with certain expectations.

Most people consider themselves entitled to things they have earned, and we're left always wanting more no matter what it is that we have. Luckily we have an older generation of men and woman whom, if you give them the time, will really put things into perspective for you.

Not only that, there are films, books and all different types of media that can teach an individual about the time before their time and it's only after absorbing that kind of information that, even for but a second, your existence gets put into perspective. It was "Giovanni's Island" that provided me with clarity...even for just one night.

Thanks to Madman Entertainment, I was given the chance to experience this masterful film and follow two young boys through the most harrowing times of not only their lives but of recent history as a whole.

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