6 Anime Like Inuyasha [Recommendations]

Chances are that if you’ve seen Inuyasha you are in love with shoujo adventure stories with strong female leads.

The story of Kagome and her half demon companion Inuyasha has captured the hearts of many anime lovers not only for its solid story, but also for its memorable characters.

The ending of the series has left fans with an insatiable hunger for more anime rooted in the same vein as Inuyasha and I have come to their rescue.
Without further ado, I give you relief in the form of more anime guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

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RapidPanda1770d ago

Im looking forward to RINNE, the new aired Rumiko Takahashi Anime.

honeys-anime1770d ago

Yes Rinne looks nice, but it is supposed the rival character is his father (?).
I want to watch the rival like Sesshomaru again.