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Maria the Virgin Witch Episode 11 - Animenewsnetwork

Animenewsnetwork - It turns out that Maria's powers are rooted in her self-confidence. She was probably only vulnerable to Michael's virginity curse for as long as she was sensitive about being a virgin, and now that she's gotten over that, her powers have returned. Her virginity is associated with her assurance in her own righteousness, so Maria comes out of this story with a renewed (and more nuanced) commitment to pacifism. Plus a boyfriend. That's sweet. Especially if that boyfriend is Joseph, king of sweethearts, the kind of guy who shyly proposes to his girl over the body of her unconscious attempted rapist. It's a win for everyone except Bernard, who Gilbert now knows as a hypocritical creep, Count Guillaume, who doesn't get what he wants out of the war, and Galfa, whose pride will never be the same. So it's a win for everyone who matters.

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