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Absolue Duo Review | Mage in a Barrel

The finales are in full force this week, with Absolute Duo joining Your Lie in April as one of the first few shows to conclude. Absolute Duo is a pretty generic show, but this review covers a few of the reasons that it stands out a little from other anime of its ilk.

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iblessall2314d ago

I have a lot of affection for this show; it's always nice to see an underdog come out of the woodwork and exceed the usual level of quality for its genre. Still not entirely exceptional, but solid and entertaining nonetheless.

DivineHand1252312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

I ended up dropping this anime. The cliches and fan service ruined it for me. The worst part is that most of the anime from this season are in this score range with only a few(like one or two) worth your time. Luckily spring looks much better but that is because it is mostly sequels.

It's time the industry evolves and stop adapting low quality works and give us something that is original or something that is interesting to see. Anime Mirai 2015 has an interesting lineup. Why can't we get series like those?