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Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode #24 Anime Review | Fandom Post

The final Gundam fight match…Ready…Go!!

What They Say:
“Final Burst”

The final round of the Gunpla Battle Japanese Championship tournament has finally begun. Taking the initiative, the Try Fighters opt to fight inside a space colony. Sekai and Fumina split off from Yuuma, and both groups make preparations to intercept the Gunpla Academy. The audience members watch this quiet start with bated breath, until the silence is broken by Kijima’s Transient Gundam. Having anticipated the Try Fighters’ plan, Kijima launches a diversionary attack to distract them, and at the same time Yuuma finds himself in combat against Shia and Adou. As the teams continue trading blows in a fierce back-and-forth struggle, Yuuma and Fumina battle Shia and Adou of the Gunpla Academy to mutual destruction. Only Sekai and Kijima remain, fighting desperately to the brink of collapse, until they ultimately reach the time limit and usher in the first overtime battle of the tournament.

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