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6 Anime Like Blue Exorcist ( Ao no Exorcist ) [Recommendations]

You really did or still enjoy watching Blue Exorcist (青の祓魔師 in Japanese), you like when the protagonist is as badass as Rin, has supernatural power or anything linked to a war between different races like demons and humans? Animes with action, supernatural, mystery, religion and yet really fun?

Here is what you could be searching for!


◆1. Soul Eater
◆2. Bleach
◆3. ...

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Hold_It2612d ago

Don't compare FullMetal Alchemist and YuYuHakusho to that piece of trash. Blue Exorcist was terrible.

honeys-anime2612d ago

I enjoyed Blue Exorcist passably. (...less than Fullmetal Alchemist and YuYuhakusho.)
This article is to help who enjoyed Blue Exorcist to find animes like that tho.
I hope them will enjoy Elric brothers and Yusuke show, the masterpiece.