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My (Un)Surprising Winter 2015 Ranking; When Good Anime Go Bad.

So this season was bad. No. Actually. It was alright at the beginning, and ended with pathetic fireworks that no one came to watch. Be it Aldnoah, be it Parasyte, be it Tokyo Ghoul, chances are you´re dissapointed with at least one of these shows, joined by five pounds of new releases that inspire nothing. See here my incredibly pessimistic seasonal ranking, in which I complain a lot. Sass a lot and spend half the post ranting about the wonderful catastrophe that was Shonen 101. I mean Tokyo Ghoul.

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Redinfamy2306d ago

I looked for some new good ones but kept going to previous season series.

cemelc2305d ago

In april there is a few good ones.

Redinfamy2304d ago

Cool, please let me know the titles ^_^

cemelc2303d ago


Fate/Stay: Unlimited blade works (part 2).
Kekkai Sensen
Arslan Senki

Those are the ones im looking forward the most.

fight-or-flight2305d ago

I agree with you- everything sort of tapered out by the end of the season even if it started strong

cemelc2305d ago

Why is shirobako here and not log horizon?

Alixithymia2304d ago

Log Horizon is not there because I haven´t seen it. Doubt I´d like it, anyway.