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Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode #25 Anime Review (Series Finale) | Fandom Post

Every episodes of Gundam Build Fighters is the best episode of Gundam Build Fighters.

What They Say:
“Our Gunpla”

The final round of the Gunpla Battle Japanese Championship’s national tournament has ended in a victory for the Try Fighters. After the finals, Sekai suddenly leaves on a training trip. A few days later, the Gunpla builder’s contest known as the Meijin Cup begins. At the venue, Fumina meets up with Mr. Ral and with Yuuma, who has come for a Gunpla building showdown with Minato. Many of the rivals they previously fought in the regional qualifiers and the national tournament have also gathered here. The Meijin Cup awards ceremony begins, and Yuuma’s entry wins the Open Course category. As Fumina congratulates Yuuma on his prize, Sekai returns from his training trip. Meanwhile Minato, who refuses to accept the results of the judging, raises an objection to the Meijin. In response, the Meijin activates the Gunpla Battle system to that the two contestants can settle their dispute.

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cemelc2490d ago

I liked this series, stupid fun + awesome animation.

But whatever happened to reiji and aila?