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The Best of Winter 2015 | Caraniel's Ramblings

Winter season is over, Spring is in full swing, I’m woefully behind already and I’ve spent the day studiously ignoring my own birthday. All is right with the world! So here I am with my favourites of the rather excellent winter season, before I start having lots of opinions about the new offerings of spring.

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TXIDarkAvenger2863d ago

There were very minor changes between the manga and anime of Tokyo Ghoul: Root √A so I don't know why they tried to make it an original. No Kaneki vs Arima was pretty disappointing. The ending got me when they played the first OP but honestly this show didn't go out with a bang.

I enjoyed Aldnoah.Zero 2 up until that awful ending. I guess it made sense but I wish they told us what happened to Inaho and everyone else. Show us the future of everyone's lives or something. Hopefully there isn't a S3 but if there somehow was, I'll probably watch it for a better conclusion but I doubt it.

Continuing to enjoy Jojo and Kuroko no Basuke. Death Parade was also my favourite of the season.