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First Thoughts: Seraph of the End - Vampires Aren't People Too

Kane Bugeja of SnapThirty writes:

Throughout the span of pop culture, vampires have enjoyed/tolerated their fair share of image changes. From terrifying creatures born to drink the blood of humans, to smooth talking recluses (who still drink blood), to outspoken victims of a human dominated society (who still drink blood, but don’t necessarily want to). Following this trend, one might think that a new series featuring said night dwellers may focus on their presence as a demonised race, forced by biology to kill humans. Well you’d be wrong. Seraph of the End decides to hark back to the earlier days of fiction and present us with a race of pretentious upstarts who despise the humans they now dominate…also a virus killed every human over the age of 13, I feel like that’s pretty important as well.

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